How ASIQUAL can help you


ASIQUAL’s Global Reach:

Drawing on nearly three decades of international education experience, ASIQUAL has a unique insight into the global education market.  Our qualifications have a high international standing and reputation and are specifically targeted for the international jobs market.


Establishing educational partnerships with institutions all over the world:

ASIQUAL are establishing partnerships with leading universities in the UK and worldwide.

For our students: These can provide key progression routes for students taking ASIQUAL qualifications, helping them to enter onto a university programme with advanced standing, along one of our many university progression routes.

For our University partners: These partnerships can also be provide our university partners with an important source of student recruitment, establishing a core group of candidates aiming towards future application onto particular courses at particular institutions.

For our Centres: ASIQUAL believes that excellence in education comes through partnership.  To this end ASIQUAL are able to provide help for our centres wishing to establish national or international partnerships, through our broad range of educational contacts.


iStock_000009345444XLarge-shrunkHigh quality qualifications:

ASIQUAL offer high quality Diploma qualifications which are recognised by top universities in the UK and throughout the world.

We are also keen to work with our centres in developing new qualifications which fulfil market needs and provide students with the kind of targeted industry skills needed for successful employment.

The ASIQUAL Programme Validation scheme offers specialist centres the opportunity to have their own in house qualifications formally endorsed and certificated by ASIQUAL.  This can provide a globally recognised endorsement for many specialised and independent courses, increasing their reputation and standing throughout the world.

To find out more about how ASIQUAL can help your organisation, please get in touch with us.