Customer Service

Customer Service Statement

ASIQUAL aims to provide high quality, relevant, responsive and efficient services to all stakeholders, including students and centres. Centres are supported in the strategic development of their on-going ASIQUAL provision, including delivery, administration, assessment, quality assurance, strategic marketing, and international partnership development.  All ASIQUAL staff are committed to providing these services in a friendly, responsive, accessible and prompt manner.

In delivering responsive and effective service in a supportive manner, ASIQUAL aims to:

  • Maintain responsive communication with centres using multimedia means to provide quality up-to-date information
  • Respond to stakeholders’ feedback on services on a regular basis
  • Ensure our staff adhere to our code of ethics and conflict of interest policy at all times
  • Treat all customers and potential customers equally at all times, in line with our equal opportunities policy
  • Be responsive and professional in all customer related activities, providing relevant and accurate information at all times, whilst being prepared that customers may need to seek advice from elsewhere before giving information
  • Ensure that information on our products, services and fees are open and transparent at all times


A Friendly and Knowledgeable Team

ASIQUAL is committed to providing value-added services through competent and helpful staff, using the most up-to-date and efficient quality systems and processes. Our friendly and responsive approach to customers means that all our centres have access to a dedicated Centre Support Assistant and Quality Assurance Officers, as well as access to our Centre Co-ordinator who can answer any queries or concerns you might have. Our External Quality Assurers are all subject specialists and are chosen for their experience, knowledge, friendliness and ability to support centres to deliver ASIQUAL qualifications successfully.

ASIQUAL’s underlying priority is customer service.


Centre and Student Feedback

ASIQUAL is determined to offer a first class service to centres and students. To this end, regular feedback opportunities will be available for both centres and students. ASIQUAL places high importance on both customer service and feedback, and aims to provide students and centres with details of our responses and actions – promptly and fully.


Service Standards

ASIQUAL aims to provide you with the best possible service to enable you to cater for the needs of all your learners. We will do this by ensuring our service is:


  • Our friendly, trained staff will aim to provide a courteous, prompt response to any enquiry you make
  • We will maintain a flexible approach in working with you to meet your needs
  • We will work with you in responding to the needs of your learners
  • We will conduct regular training seminars to keep you updated on latest developments in Ofqual regulations, QCF framework, bespoke awards, marketing and partnership development, UKBA compliance (in the case of UK centres) and use of social media.


  • We will ensure all our published information is up-to-date, accurate and accessible through different forms of media
  • We will use clear English in all our correspondence and documentation
  • We will ensure all our policies, systems and procedures meet internal and external audit requirements


  • ASIQUAL will run one-to-one or group surgeries, training and information sessions for centres and prospective centres. Dates of these events will be published on our web site.
  • We publish up-to-date guidelines on all aspects of our service, and pursue a policy of continuous quality enhancement and improvement. ASIQUAL aims to keep up-to-date with any regulatory changes and aims to inform our centres of these changes promptly
  • In the case of UK centres, ASIQUAL will monitor and inform them of any UKBA compliance changes:
  • ASIQUAL provides on-line access to appropriate documentation, news and information
  • Centre Support Assistants and Quality Assurance Officers are available to give centres on-going guidance and support