Validated Awards FAQs

  • Is my validated award accepted by other educational institutions, employers, immigration authorities or official bodies?


Unless specifically stated, ASIQUAL Validated Awards are not automatically accepted by other educational institutions, employers, immigration authorities or official bodies etc for progression.


ASIQUAL Validation instead is a method by which employers, institutions and official bodies can gain an idea of the level and depth of study a student has undertaken. By benchmarking these awards to a commonly recognised framework, validation allows interested parties to gain a better understanding of the type of study a student has undertaken.


ASIQUAL advises students wishing to use ASIQUAL Validated Awards for progression to other areas of study or the workplace, to check the acceptability of these awards with the institution or employer prior to study.


  • Who is the certificate awarded by?


ASIQUAL Validated Award certificates are produced by ASIQUAL in partnership with the awarding institution. These will bear both the ASIQUAL logo and that of the institution/ organisation. This certificate confirms the level and general credit value that ASIQUAL has benchmarked that particular award at.

The award remains the property of the institution/ organisation.


  • What does the level assigned to the ASIQUAL Validated Award mean?


As part of its Validation process, ASIQUAL benchmarks the course against the levels of the FHEQ, the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in the UK and the EQF, the European Qualifications Framework. This is an indication to interested parties of the approximate level of study the student has undertaken. For example, an award benchmarked at FHEQ Level 5 – 10 credits, would indicate that the student has been working at a level equivalent to that of second year degree level.   It is important to note that this does not mean that the student has completed what is equivalent to the second year of a degree; but rather that this represents the difficulty level of the course. To understand the size of the award it is important to consider the credit value. The award in question only represents an equivalent credit value of 10 credits, representing 100 hours of study; much less than that of a full year of degree study.


  • What does the credit value of the ASIQUAL Validated Award mean and can I use these credits towards further study?


The assignment of a credit value to the ASIQUAL Validated awards is intended to signal to interested parties the approximate size of the course the student has undertaken and the depth of study at that particular level. ASIQUAL uses the system of credits which is common across several qualification systems whereby 1 credit equates to roughly 10 hours of study.   The assignment of a credit value is part of the ASIQUAL benchmarking of the award against other qualification systems.


Unless specifically stated these credits are not accepted by other credit based qualification systems.